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Community Lodgings

Emmanuel Episcopal Church Helps 120 Community Lodgings Students

One hundred and twenty low-income and transitional Arlandria students are starting their school year fully equipped and ready to learn, thanks to the generosity of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church congregation.

Recipients of Community Lodgings backpacks

Outfitting a child for school can put a dent in any family's budget. According to a recent post on Today.com, the average parent will spend $100 on school supplies this year per each student in grades kindergarten-12. This is a 12 percent increase from last year, and there is no indication that the costs will decrease.

For the families served by Community Lodgings, the $300 (minimum) back-to-school supplies expense for a family with three children can be out of reach. While the area median income in Alexandria is $109,200, according to the latest HUD statistics, the families occupying Community Lodgings' 44 transitional and affording housing apartments earn an average of $25,000 annually - only 23% of the median.

"We are thrilled to have this partnership with Emmanuel Episcopal Church," said Lynn Thomas, executive director of Community Lodgings. "Their concern for our students' academic success in school is overwhelming. It's how communities should be. Every year they open their hearts and make sure our kids are one hundred percent ready to start school equipped with all of their school supplies."

Emmanuel Episcopal Church's spirit of service extends beyond backpacks. Their generosity has allowed Community Lodgings to ensure their after-school program is fully equipped with everything the students, staff and volunteer tutors and mentors need to reinforce what the student learned in school and to keep them stimulated, excited and motivated to learn.